How to quickly buy IQOS HEETS online?

Visit the product’s official website to buy IQOS HEETS directly from there, or go to one of its trusted online partner shops to refill the supply of your favorite IQOS HEETS sticks. Some flavors are not available in all countries, so if you are looking for a particular tobacco taste to try, you might have to search for an IQOS HEETS shop located abroad. Many online stores specialize in selling original IQOS products at discounted prices, especially if you buy IQOS HEETS online wholesale and not just a single carton of HEETS. Bulk customers can often expect to get a better IQOS price along with free shipping of their ordered products.

Also, do not forget to buy HEETS for IQOS before you go on an overseas vacation to Egypt, Turkey, or Australia since these countries do not sell IQOS products or HEETS on their territory. Some other countries prohibit the use of IQOS and e-cigarettes altogether, so bringing your beloved tobacco heating system with you can get you into trouble with the local customs or the police. Such countries include Singapore, Taiwan, Jordan, Mauritius, Thailand, Vietnam, and certain parts of India. Do check this information in advance on the website of the embassy of your destination country to make sure you will not be violating the law.

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How do smoke-free gadgets work?

Conventional cigarettes work by burning tobacco at the temperature of up to 800-900 degrees Celsius. The smoke from burning tobacco is extremely toxic and has been found to contain over 6,000 dangerous chemical compounds, including tars, CO, formalin, acraldehyde, benzopyrene, arsenic, and others. 

Smoke-free gadgets such as vapes, e-cigarettes, and IQOS tobacco heating systems have a different operation mode that excludes the process of burning and, consequently, prevents the release of the poisonous smoke. Instead, they either vaporize special nicotine-based e-liquids that a person inhales (vaping devices and e-cigarettes) or heat the tobacco contained in specially designed IQOS HEETS sticks but only to a certain degree where tobacco does not yet burn.  

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