A smoker who is thinking about switching from traditional combustible cigarettes to a healthier electronic alternative is faced with a tough choice. Today’s market of gadgets and gizmos for smokers provides a rich set of options and solutions to suit the varied needs and budgets of those who want to be rid of the nasty habit but aren’t yet ready to forego tobacco altogether. 

There are vapes, electronic cigarettes, POD systems, E-Hookahs, and of course, tobacco-heating systems like those used in IQOS devices. Depending on your personal needs and wants, you can find a gadget of almost any form and design – from very small vapes that look like a USB flash drive to electronic nicotine delivery systems the size of your palm. 

IQOS HEETS vs. cigarettes: what is the difference?

IQOS electronic devices and the likes utilize the technology of heating disposable tobacco units known as IQOS HEETS to a strictly controlled temperature of a maximum of 350 °C. Since electronic IQOS cigarettes heat but do not burn tobacco, the aerosol released in the result of using such devices contains 95% less harmful agents compared to the smoke formed by usual combustible cigarettes. 

Apart from the Philip Morris IQOS product, there are quite a few other well-known brands of tobacco heating systems such as glo, Jouz, Koken, Ploom, etc. Most of these big and small brands were originally made popular in Asian countries, namely Japan, but today they are quickly moving throughout the world and winning broader global recognition.IQOS vape devices employ the innovative HNB system that heats tobacco to 300-350 °C. This temperature is high enough for the tobacco in IQOS HEETS to start evaporating aromatic aerosol gas that contains nicotine. The technology that is implemented in an IQOS cigarette is called HeatControl™. 

IQOS HEETS vs. e-cigarettes: what is the difference?

Sometimes, people who are new to e-smoking mistake IQOS for electronic cigarettes or vapes. This is erroneous since the gadgets utilize two entirely different technologies. One has to do with vaporizing liquids, while the other works by heating dry tobacco in the form of HEETS sticks. The only thing these technologies have in common is that none of them implies burning tobacco and producing dangerous smoke.

That said, neither IQOS nor e-cigarettes are 100% risk-free, as they both are meant to deliver nicotine to your body, only in different forms. Nicotine is responsible for the increased risk of cancer and other smoking-related health problems, that is why shops all over the world offer e-cigarettes and IQOS for sale only to adult people. 

What are glo and Ploom?

These are two other known brands of heated-tobacco systems. Glo is the child of British American Tobacco, whereas Ploom is manufactured by Japan Tobacco Inc. They both utilize the popular heat-not-burn technology and provide very much the same set of features that you can find in the IQOS products. The IQOS brand has the most extensive global coverage and is widely represented in all countries where e-smoking is legal. Ploom and glo are only gaining popularity around the USA. 

Of all the three brands, IQOS is best suited for people who are looking for the closest possible substitute for traditional cigarettes. Those who like a minimalist design and enjoy complete lack of any controls whatsoever will probably favor Ploom Tech. Finally, glo is usually a top choice for people who prefer comfort and simplicity to a fancy-looking design and feature-packed functionality.

Which e-smoking device to choose?

Choosing between all the different types of e-smoking gadgets available today should depend on your personal preferences and financial capabilities.

Vaping and e-cigarettes are a solid choice for people who like to have their smoke in a relaxed atmosphere with no rush and plenty of time to enjoy the delicate taste of the flavorsome aerosol. IQOS will be a more suitable option for young, modern adults living an active, busy life who spend a lot of time on the move and want to be able to enjoy a smoke without interrupting their routine much. 

What is the standard configuration of an IQOS tobacco heating system?

Each IQOS device has a holder with a ceramic heating blade in it. When you insert your HEETS for IQOS into the holder, the blade enters the stick and begins to heat the tobacco from the inside, releasing aromatic flavor and nicotine. 

IQOS heated-tobacco systems come in a variety of forms and complete sets. Some models such as IQOS 3 DUO consist of two different parts – a holder and a charging device – while others come in a monolithic design where the holder is simultaneously used as a charger. One such example is IQOS 3 Multi, which is one of the most popular and sought-after IQOS systems today. If you wish to learn more about how to charge IQOS chargers quickly and effectively, continue reading this website.

Where to buy IQOS in the USA? 

You can buy IQOS in specialized brand stores called IQOS Spaces, order it directly from the IQOS official website, or get it through a wide range of online partner shops. If you want to find the closest physical IQOS shop, easily google “IQOS near me” or use the interactive map on the brand’s official website to quickly locate all the IQOS USA retail spaces in your region. 

Apart from selling the original heat-not-burn tobacco systems, any IQOS shop online will offer you a wide selection of maintenance tools and accessories to customize your device and keep it clean and functional for a much longer time.

What is the difference between Parliament and Marlboro IQOS HEETS?

Both Parliament and Marlboro are PMI’s premium cigarette brands. Parliament tobacco sticks for IQOS are mostly geared towards the European consumer, while Marlboro IQOS HEETS are immensely popular in Japan. You can also find an official IQOS shop in the USA that distributes both these brands of HEETS. The assortment of HEETS flavors produced by Parliament and Marlboro is about the same, although their availability depends mainly on the country of distribution. 

Can I buy IQOS in the USA legally? 

As of 2019, IQOS products are officially allowed for sale and use on the territory of the United States. Before that, adult people who wanted to buy the device or order some multi-flavored HEETS sticks had to do it over the Internet from online stores located in one of the 49 countries that were already using the popular tobacco heating system. Today, all US citizens of 18 and older are free to choose between purchasing the device and its accessories from an IQOS shop online in the USA and ordering it from abroad if the price and shipping terms are more favorable.

Why are there age restrictions if IQOS is 95% safer than usual cigarettes?

While IQOS HEETS sticks do release 95% less toxic agents when they are being heated, these tobacco units and the majority of other popular cigarette e-alternatives contain nicotine either in the form of dry tobacco leaves or as a liquid component. Nicotine is an addiction-causing substance that is found to produce a number of grave complications for a person’s health. For that particular reason, the sale and use of IQOS devices and HEETS are limited for people under the age of 18.