Frequently Asked Questions

We understand why the prices as low as ours may raise suspicion as to the genuineness of the products. However, we want to assure you that every single product found on our website is 100% original, manufactured and packed by its respective brand owner. Depending on the brand, all the cigarettes we distribute are produced in either Portugal, Greece, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia or Ukraine. Every pack has a genuine excise stamp, proving that we obtained this product from the official manufacturer, usually through established and trusted wholesalers. Please pay attention that these cigarettes will likely have warnings and product information in the official language of the country of its origin.
We can deliver your order to a PO box shipping address. However, be aware that you will need to sign for receipt of the package.
For now (2021) its Georgia, Russia, Moldova or Armenia
We insist that you use your real name when ordering delivery from our store. Otherwise, you may not be able to reclaim your package at the post office using your ID, and your shipment will be lost.
We do sometimes offer considerable discounts to our wholesale customers. Please contact one of our friendly managers to learn more about the possibilities of such cooperation.
By purchasing wholesale tobacco products from Eastern Europe, where these goods cost many times less than in the majority of Western countries, we manage to keep our prices to the minimum. It is a perfectly rightful practice and a very convenient economic circumstance that we explain below.
The usual time for free shipping option takes our parcels to arrive can vary from 14 to 35 days, depending on the country of shipping destination. In the majority of cases, you should be able to receive your ordered goods within two weeks after they are dispatched. As much as we regret saying this, the delivery time is a variable that is often hard to predict. We are still trying to figure out how the postal system works in different parts of the world and find ways to reduce the time it takes to ship our products to the most popular destinations around the USA and Europe. Covid-19 pandemic is another crucial factor to be taken into account. Because of the global lockdown that it caused, delays in shipping of up to 1-1.5 months are possible.
We cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are for your generous offer of assistance. The best way to help us is if you pass the word about our little online store to anyone who may be interested in the services we provide. We will do our best not to disappoint you or anyone you recommend us to!
As dictated by the rules of the online tobacco industry, we can only resend the ordered products to you free of charge if, for some reason, your package is returned to us or if you have substantial evidence of its loss in shipping. We can make certain exceptions for our returning customers, though. Please get in touch with our managers to discuss the issue further.
That is a valid question worth looking into. We are a team of adult people united by the same passion and aspirations. Having been successfully operating in the tobacco products distribution business for over a decade now, we have learned to understand and expertly fulfill the unique needs and wants of our customers.