The Sobranie cigarettes are a smoky gray.

The colors on the Sobranie cigarettes from the Sobranie brand come in various colors that attract many smokers. The Sobranie cigarette packs have a nice design and have different colors of cigarettes. The Sobranie cigarettes have premium quality and a unique blend of tobacco. The tobacco is a unique blend because it is a handmade one.

Sobranie cigarettes are a favorite brand of many.

Sobranie is one of the oldest tobacco brands which is handmade in the Russian tradition. The Sobranie cigarettes come in many styles including the following: two different sizes, some are slimmer, some are vividly colored, one of the nicest looking packages in the market, one of the most recognizable brands in the world. The Sobranie cigarettes are different from other brands because it’s premium quality. With the Sobranie package, you can be confident that you’re buying premium quality. Different colors and stylish designs of the pack grab the attention of the ladies. As a result, many female smokers prefer it.

Smooth and satisfying.

Most smokers, including myself, admire this brand of cigarettes because of their different tastes in different cigarettes series. Aside from different colors, handmade characteristic, and different tastes in each series, its smoothness attract many smokers all over the world including both men and women. Some people consider it to be an expensive brand. However, the price is worth it because of all the things this cigarette brand offers.

  • Makes the smoker feel respected and important
  • Many smokers admire it
  • Handmade in the Russian tradition
  • nicely designed packages¬†
  • one of the oldest tobacco brands¬†


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